Zero Tolerance for Guns Gone Even More Stupid



Schools throughout the nation adopted so-called “zero tolerance” rules dealing with guns in the wake of school shootings and gang violence back in the 1990’s.](

Kids are suspended for using their finger as a fake gun to play cops and robbers on the playground and kids are suspended for wearing shirts with the word “Marines” and a caption of a gun, and now three kids are suspended for disarming a would be shooter. The funny thing is, the three are suspended for an incident involving a gun, when they didn’t bring the gun. I guess the school admin. would just want them to stand by and let the chips fall where they may.**


I think parents should take a “zero tolerance” attitude toward sending their children to these dens of marxist-communist-atheistic schools of propaganda. Until parents, en masse, start putting their outrage into action and taking their children OUT of these “schools” this kind of nuttiness will continue. It’s like the old saying that until you hurt someone/something in the pocketbook, all your complaining and whining will do absolutely nothing.


And put their kids where? Not everyone can afford private schools.

I still find the assault on public schools absurd. I meet people who went to private schools and who were home schooled every day in college and they are not any different than a public school kid. Instead of focusing on schools being the problem then how about we look somewhere else, these kids are stupid whether they go to a private or public school.

Kids will learn however much they want to learn. Most of them would rather play video games. Education is outdated, the internet contains almost all the information in the world and the opportunity for knowledge is almost limitless. Autodidacticism is what they should be doing.


Guess you never read my link to Marva Collins…


Bulls…from this statement I can only deduce that you either have no children, or if you do you have an excellent Government school that they attend.
Having dealt with Government School for a combined 15 years period, I would rather have my pubic hairs plucked out by a TSA agent…


The immediate incident mentioned in the article RW linked is the subject of this thread, begun a couple of days ago. The first paragraph of RW’s article makes a couple of good points:

Schools throughout the nation adopted so-called “zero tolerance” rules dealing with guns in the wake of school shootings and gang violence back in the 1990’s. They haven’t really accomplished a whole heck of a lot, but keep popping up in the news from time to time due to various idiotic points of the rule that will occasionally ban a kid for using his fingers as a gun, shaping his breakfast like a gun, or disciplining a child for wearing a t-shirt that has a picture of an American soldier on it.

Schools’ Zero Thought policies are a creation of the 1990s and grew out the hype-hysteria whipped up by the Clinton ***MAL***Administration. US public schools of the first half of the 20th Century and earlier would not have dared try the kind of @#$% done under schools’ Zero Thought policies! And as overly-accepting of creeping acts of government petty tyranny as Baby-Boomers and the generations after have been, more and more of us are finding that our threshold of pain has been reached, stomped on and violated by Zero Thought policy. It’s been building since the 70s - even before Zero Thought policies and for more reasons than “just” that tyrannic stupidity - but more and more parents are finding ways to make the “sacrifices” necessary to get their kids into private campus schools or are homeschooling. The, “It may be a sewer, but it’s the only swimming pool in town,” argument isn’t working. As the number of decent PSs slowly dwindle, under the weight of government-mandated PC @#$%, PC-indoctrinated indoctrinators with teaching credentials, PC, union contracts that compensate teachers on the basis of seniority rather than competence and unions perversely protect their worst members, more and more parents who love their children and find decent PSs unavailable will sacrifice their present - if that’s what it takes - for the sake of their children’s future.


There are several crazy-things-public-schools-have-done threads here on RO. This article lists a number of the more recent events so readers willing to acknowledge it can see that the problem is not with one or two isolated crazies, but a growingly systemic problem of tyrannic “educators” and educrats:

‘Tiny Terrorists’ Caught Up in Anti-Gun Hysteria
by Mike McDaniel


As a teacher of high school English — and a firearms instructor — I have a dog in this fight. I often defend the public schools against unfair criticism, observing that most teachers are quiet professionals who do not indoctrinate their students with progressive propaganda. But what appears to be a nationwide epidemic of politically correct lunacy apparently sparked by the Newtown murders and egged on by President Obama’s anti-gun road show, and by his congressional fellow travelers, is running riot. These are just a few of the more recent incidents:

(1) Place: White Marsh Elementary School, Tabot County, Maryland

Tiny Terrorists: Two six-year-old boys (kindergartners)

“Weapons”: Fingers

(3) Place: D. Newlin Fell School, Philadelphia

Tiny Terrorist: A fifth-grade girl

Punishment: Searched and scolded in the presence of classmates, threatened with arrest.

(4) Place: Sumter County School District, Sumter, South Carolina

Tiny Terrorist: Six-year-old girl

Punishment: Expelled from school for a semester

Facts: The girl brought a broken, transparent plastic toy airsoft gun, with the soft plastic pellets visible inside, for show and tell. The toy was seized, the police were called, and the girl was threatened with arrest if she set foot on school property

What makes this article rather poignant (and not pleasantly!) is that the author, McDaniel, is himself a teacher. He’s tired of broad-broom condemnations of PSs and of what seems like PSs’ mad rush to justify those condemnations! I hope he’s in a really secure position in a really good school district. Otherwise, daring to publish this article on a New Media outlet such as could lead to an involuntary career change!


I graduated from high school 3 years ago


Which puts you an excellent position to “understand” the whole public school system and how it works.


Well, it certainly gives me a better micro-viewpoint than anyone else that’s posted on this thread.

I’ll admit I’m a little biased, at the risk of sounding pretentious, my IQ score is pretty high so school was never going to really be worth anything.

I was in a concurrent college algebra class in highschool and I didn’t do any of the homework till the last month of class. At that point I taught myself college algebra with no help, finished the homework, and made an 88 on the final. So I’m not exactly a good judge on how challenging school should be, although I admit I don’t recall any of my classmates saying “this is too hard”


Let me offer a counter viewpoint here. I’ve posted in other school threads and I agree with the majority of the posters that post in these threads. Here are my credentials to compare to yours: I graduated in '03. I took Calculus 1 & 2 while in high school. I also took AP English (which really didn’t do me any good because I am the worst speller on the planet), chemistry and physics. I never did homework my entire time in high school because I didn’t want to. I graduated 12th in a class of 300+ with a 4.21 GPA. I was also the foreman of both of my shop classes, was first chair trumpet and marching band section leader. Also, in my 2nd year drafting class, we were given all semester to design, draw and detail a house. I finished in 3 weeks. My teacher then let me go do whatever I pleased the remainder of the year and I thought the class in his abscenses. I honestly didn’t care about graduating at the top of my class. My concern was applying myself to learn everything that I needed/wanted to to benefit me in my life. I then went on to college to persue a Mech Engineering degree in college. I was in college for a couple of years and dropped out because I realized that everything I was force-fed about going to college while I was still in school was complete lies and that it was a money sucking cesspool that does not pay you back in this day and age. I do now have a Mech Engineering job working on power plants.

I do not post that to sound arogant in any way, just as a comparison for you since we are essentially in the same demographic. When I was in school, kids that couldn’t learn/didn’t want to learn were held back until they were competent enough to progress. We were still ranked in our class as for who did the best. We were still given grades. We were taught not only to remember stuff for end of grade testing, but also to reason. Classes were keep to 25 or fewer students per class.

Now, classes are over stuffed with kids. Students aren’t taught to reason anymore. They are taught to memorize stupid tid-bits so they can regurgitate them at the end of the year on the stupid standardized test. Kids that cannot nor do not want to learn are pushed ahead to the next grade anyways. I have several friends that are teachers that have to spend their own money to buy supplies they need for their students because schools are overcrowded and underfunded. A lot of the teachers now do not care about helping the students learn, just pushing them through the system. Sure, there are still several fantastic teachers out there, but I think most of them are of the old guard and are being phased out. These stupid zero tolerance policies do not help the situation at all. The public school system has been going down the crapper for years. Of course there are certain good public schools in certain locations. But the vast majority of them now just completely suck.

But onto the main topic of this thread, I think its time for the students to stand up against this nonsense. If I were still in school, I would get everyone to show up to school one day wearing a shirt with some sort of gun on it and have everyone meet on the football field to play a giant game of war or cops and robbers or something instead of going to class. Will it help the situation at all? Probably not. But at least the students will have made a point.

This entire situation is nonsense. But I do agree that a lot of it comes down to the kids, not neccessarily being “stupid” (although a lot blatantly are), but them not having the initiative and motivation to improve themselves. I blame that on pathetic parenting and the school system focusing solely on moving kids through as opposed to helping them figure out what their strengths are, fostering those and helping them develope their weaknesses. The public school system is shot.