Zimmerman jurors picked...now I have a question...


It seems that the jurors have been picked for the Zimmerman case. All women. But, my question is: Why only 6 jurors? I thought that there had to be 12 jurors? Forgive my ignorance, but I am confused by this. The attorneys for Zimmerman seem to see this as positive.

Six women picked as jurors in George Zimmerman trial | Fox News


Where does it say that? 6 is the fewest allowed and it does benefit the prosecution. I think an all woman jury is bad for Zimmerman.


All women? Mistrial I’m betting. They’ll never all agree.


My question is; Why the hell is he going on trial? It was a clear case of self defense.
It’s all about 'get whitey" racism.


How so? there were no eye witnesses and the facts are contradictory and dont match either side of the story. Its anything but clear, although I dont see anyway he gets convicted. There just isnt enough evidence to prove anything. If it wasnt so high profile it wouldnt have gone to trial IMO.


The known facts do match the the defense side of the store.

You’re right, if it weren’t so high profile it wouldn’t have gone to trial; there wouldn’t even have been an arrest.


If you had followed the story you would know there was an eye witness to Martin being on top of Zimmermen and slaming his head into the concrete when Zimmerman got to his gun and shot him. Zimmerman was screaming for someone to please help him and it’s on the 911 tape.

The Police investigated the facts and determined the shooting was in self defense.
The case was reopened when the usual race baiters, (Sharpton, Jackson, et al) came to Florida screaming racism!


We dont know who was screaming and even the FBI ruled it inconclusive. We dont know who started the fight. You cant just start a fight get your butt kicked and then shoot them for it. This is probably where most of the case is going to hang, going after Martin when the police said not to and Zimmermans story doesnt match up to the time. There are a couple minutes he can not account for.


there you go again…the Police never told Zimmerman anything, it was a 911 operator who is nothing more than a voice at the other end of a phone call, and there’s absolutely no evidence that Zimmerman ‘went after’ Martin, the evidence fits Zimmerman’s story, not the race baiters fabrications.


LOL, but you can say that again.

I’m kinda bummed, though, 'cuz I’d prefer to see Zimmerman be undeniably pronounced, "Not guilty."
Too many women think with their feelings for that to be the conclusion; plus, women generally care a heck of a lot more about appearances than do men, and certainly none are going to want to appear racist. (Heaven forbid!)

As has been said, thanks to the likes of Al Sharpton and co., this will be a media circus that never should’ve gone to trial.


Now you are just being deliberately obtuse


Because he went after a person than shot him, no racism, no self defense.


He was also assulted by the alleged “victim” and had injuries to prove it. Therefore, it is not as simple as you have just tried to imply. However, if your only source of news on this was the lamestream media, then it is understandable that you would not have known that. If someone is trying to beat me to the point of risking permanent injury or death, I would shoot them too.


If they attacked you I’m sure you would, and I’m sure I wouldn’t hold it against you, however Zimmerman made the conscious decision to *pursue *Martin (this has been established), I’m perfectly aware that the case is not so open and shut, personally I think the murder charge is extreme, the shooting was an act of panic not passion, but Zimmerman still did something stupid and got another person killed. That’s not self-defense, that’s manslaughter.


As neighborhood watch, it was Zimmerman’s task to watch the suspicious character as they moved through the neighborhood. That, in itself, doesn’t warrant being attacked by the alleged “victim”.


I bet he gets convicted.


What suspicious act was Martin doing? He was walking, than running away from Zimmerman. You don’t run after a person for no good reason and claim self-defense, especially after being specifically told not to run after that person.


Can you explain this? I’m not following you.


You’ve never walked through some of the neighborhoods in Chicago, have you? (I’m being silly here…:banana:)


You convinced me. Zimmerman is guilty and racism was his motivation. Anyone that ever gets into an altercation and defends themselves with deadly force should be shot on site.