Zinns of Omission


I never said that Nancy Pelosi supported the guest worker program along with you. Last winter I spent a long time getting a straight answer out of you that contradicted your totally open border policies. You started this guest worker thing after you got backed into corner with you policy than everyone has “a natural law right to cross any border any time they want to do it.”


**** Che, I’m not a leftist, I’m one of those weird people who actually cares about history.

Hence why I knew more about what the Catholic Church did in the new world, than you.

And that Leif Erikson is the one who is actually credited as being the first European to discover America.

**** Hillary. Show your regret voting for her to someone who cares.


There are quotes of me saying this to you, two years ago.

I blatantly invoked Bracero, in 2014. Over, and over again, until everyone here was sick of it. And everyone here remembers that.

You’re the only one who doesn’t. I guess I just hit you over the head with “bracero” so hard, that you now have head trauma, and keep forgetting what I said.


I can’t find one word about comments that I made about Nancy Pelosi in that link.

I am tired of messing with you. This whole Columbus discussion you have post reads like something a member of the SDS would post. You are a far leftist on Columbus and immigration. You could be a campaign aid to Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren or Julion Castro. Debating you on either issue is a waste of time.

This discussion started with the Howard Zimm book, and you are defending his interpretation of history. The only reason the left does this is to tear down as many American icons as possible. They don’t give a rat’s tail about the Caribbean natives. The left hates this country and they hate the capitalist system. That’s why they push all of this stuff. Why play hand and glove with them when you know that’s their goal unless you agree with them?

I could spend hours talking about what the U.S. did wrong with respect to the Mexican War in 1848. I’ll acknowledge it, but I’ll be darned if I am going to harp on it to help push the left’s case.


Funny, just like when I asked you, I couldn’t find one mention of the Democrats supporting guest worker programs, like you swore to me they did.

But btw, that post has nothing to do with Nancy Pelosi; it’s not what I was getting at. That post is me telling you “do bracero”.

And what is Bracero Send? What. is. it.?

You made a mistake, and you’re using wedge issue bullcrap to hide it.

You can’t deny to me anymore send, you already exposed your lack care or effort in actually reading what I said.

Linking Demcorats to Guest Workers, doomed you. You made no effort on that. None.

You could be civil and admit the mistake, but nooooo, admitting a mistake is just too good for you apparently.


So am I send; I mentioned my position to you, in direct replies, 3 times before you asked “last winter”.

You didn’t pay attention any one of those times.

So when you asked “last winter”, I referred you back to those old posts. And you refused to read them. Again.

Why should I make another effort to explain myself, when you had already forced me to waste effort before, multiple times?

Explain it to me Send. Use simple words if you can.


Screw Lief Erikson, too, AS. HE didn’t start the European exodus to the New World. COLUMBUS did–and to the BENEFIT of mankind–even if several decades AFTER Erikson got to Canada. He lied to his people too, calling an island virtually completely covered in ice “Greenland.”


He discovered America by “intentional” happenstance; Columbus did it because he thought the world was pear shaped.

I’m going to need the crowd who thinks Columbus was a good navigator to explain that one to me.

He literally thought the world was half the size it actually was (When the rest of the world pretty much knew he was wrong), do you know how much that throws navigation off?

Centuries, Erikson got there in ~1000 A.D.

No, that was Erik the Red. Leif Erikson grew up in Greenland; he did not discover it.


You know the best part and the most important part of the discovery of this continent. it was so that people who were NOT sailors could escape the religious persecution in Europe and come to this nation…at great hardship in the crossing and in the settlling of this new land.

I wonder. IS THERE ANYTHING about this country that you DO like?


YOU were the one who claimed Lief Erikson “discovered” America. I was just repeating what you’d already said, AS.



According to a literal interpretation of Einar Haugen’s translation of the two sagas in the book Voyages to Vinland, Leif was not the first European to discover America: he had heard the story of merchant Bjarni Herjólfsson who claimed to have sighted land to the west of Greenland after having been blown off course. Bjarni reportedly never made landfall there, however. Later, when travelling from Norway to Greenland, Leif was also blown off course, to a land that he did not expect to see, where he found “self-sown wheat fields and grapevines”. He next rescued two men who were shipwrecked in this country and went back to Greenland (and Christianised the people there).[24] Consequently, if this is to be trusted, Bjarni Herjólfsson was the first European to see America beyond Greenland, and the two unnamed shipwrecked men were the first people known to Europeans to have made landfall there.


See what’s going on here? It’s not so much everyone claiming so and so ‘discovered’ America. It’s more that leftists want to destroy the person, Christopher Columbus, and ultimately destroy the history of the US and the respect and love of our youth for the country.

That’s all it is.

it’s part of the goals of the communist party for this country.


Which is precisely what Leif Erikson and his ancestors were doing. They spread to Iceland, Greenland and Canada in order to get away from the tyranny of the Norwegian crown.

Christopher Columbus, was not doing this. He was a Catholic (albeit a bad one), serving a Catholic Monarch.

I’m still waiting for you to explain how a leftist defends the Catholic Church. Something even you weren’t willing to do.

Because you didn’t know enough.

Greenland’s apart of Denmark.

And Caroline’s right, he didn’t, he founded the first permanent colony here, and was the first to intentionally visit it.

Wayward merchants first discovered it, and shipwrecked sailors first set foot upon it.


well I see you don’t want to talk about what you like about this country cause maybe there isn’t anything.


Leif Erickson didn’t do it on purpose. He stumbled across it and it appears someone beat him to it.


Columbus was Italian looking for $$$. THAT is it.


additionally. It is believed by many/some historians that he was jewish. Coincidentally, he set sail on the day before ninth of Av (jewish calendar)…look it up.

perhaps this is the left’s biggest problem with the Columbus history.


Christopher Columbus is not apart of this country. He’s no more apart of us than Cortez was.

Are you going to whine if I call him a mass murdered? No?

Then you admit this is deflection. You don’t actually care about this history, or the actors within it, you only care about your precious polemics and the bullet points you’re supposed to adhere to.

Something I break easily, because unlike you, I do care about this history. Because also unlike you, I have a reason to.

The thing you tried to criticize out of ignorance. Y’know, my faith? That thing you just casually tried to say wrote off on slavery?


Yeah, that’s why I can quote him invoking the Holy Spirit:

It was the Lord who put into my mind (I could feel His hand upon me) the fact that it would be possible to sail from there to the Indies. All who heard of my project rejected it with laughter, ridiculing me. There is no question that the inspiration was from the Holy Spirit, because he comforted me with rays of marvelous illumination from the Holy Scriptures

And naming Trinidad after it.

And why he named Dominica after Sunday, the Lord’s day (not the sabbath?).

And other islands after Catholic Saints.

… So I’m expecting to hear you say something like “My bad”.


History was my major. I have a degree in it.