Zinns of Omission


you should be as careful as I am in regard to your sources.


Cornell? The writer is Icelandic, and is quoting Icelandic texts.

“Revision”? What? As in 400 years ago?


looking back on this, you should never have been able to bring up another tangent but kept to the initial matter. But that is what leftists do. Muddy the waters.


Your entire accusation was a tangent.

And you never answered my question in response: What leftist defends the Catholic Church?

That was something even you weren’t willing to do. Because you didn’t know your facts.



Via The Hill:

A Christopher Columbus statue in Rhode Island was found vandalized with red paint on Columbus Day, days after a similar incident in San Francisco in protest of the federal holiday.

The statue in Providence was covered in paint, with the word “genocide” on it, and was accompanied by a sign saying “stop celebrating genocide,” CNN reported.

Red paint was splashed onto the statue in San Francisco on Saturday night, with graffiti that read: “Destroy all monuments of genocide and kill all colonizers,” CNN reported.

Police in both cities have said they are investigating the incidents, according to CNN.

idiot leftists


tell you what lefties. YOu have such a problem with Columbus then GO TO WORK on Columbus day. Don’t sit home on your lying whiny butts complaining about everything American and the president while you collect a days pay for doing NOTHING.