Zucker-Katie redux


[LEFT]FormerNBCUniversal CEO Jeff Zucker, expected to set up shop Monday on Park Avenue, is already lining up his next gig – he’s talking about starting a syndicated talk show featuringCBS Newsanchor Katie Couric, according to three separate sources.
Word of a possible Zucker-Couric venture comes as the 54-year-old anchor nears the end of her five-year contract that will pay her $15 million this year.
Couric, whose contract expires in May, recently rebuffed approaches from several parties who wanted to work with her, these sources said.
Couric told them she already has Zucker lined up, the sources added. [/LEFT]

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This lady’s show gets beat out regularly by reruns of reruns and yet the left praise her

Here is one of the comments:

[LEFT]Katie’s powerful ratings have been boosted by her having a free TV or network audience. Her interview skills are top rated, however. I expect any channel on which she appears to have an audience.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Still, Katie may hold out for a network job after her CBS contract expires.

Of course the author of the comment could have been being sarcastic