Zuckerberg: Buying The Vote?

Democrats are the root of all evil?

Why anyone continues to use this “social media,” device is beyond the pale!

Because I have friends there that I otherwise wouldn’t have contact with. I sure don’t like their policies, but my being there isn’t enabling them; truth is, I post and support things that work against their agenda. Sooner or later, I imagine they’ll silence it.

Your choice, obviously. :innocent:

Personally, I’d go old school, if it mattered. (Generational differences)


As I re-think my reply, I believe you’re correct … use the various social media platforms to destroy their evil from within. :+1:

I signed up for Twitter at one point, but never used it. I found that you had to jump through so many hoops be getting accepted in groups, that you couldn’t post anything that mattered. Since they would not have liked my positions and would have banned me in any case, it really doesn’t matter.

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I “joined” as an exercise of Free Style Blogging, which in essence was what the platform promised in 2014. Through several years of using it for that purpose, with gaps or periods where I quit the platform, I finally decided it was a useless activity with little satisfaction.

Notices, like this example sealed my Twitter fate! :joy: